It is pretty much guaranteed that race horses are given drugs that are prohibited for use in food animals.  They are slaughtered and their meat is shipped overseas for human consumption anyway.


Texas Humane Legislation Network - Horse Slaughter Fact Sheet


Animals' Angels Investigates Shelby Horse Feedlot.
Contains graphic footage.


HSUS ~ Cruelty Uncovered.
Contains graphic photos.


CHDC -  Chambers of Carnage

Contains graphic footage.


Before you buy American Horse meat...

Ask yourself: 

· Is it the meat of a wild mustang, as advertised?

· NO, most American horse meat is from domestic horses.

· Are the slaughter plant conditions sanitary?

· No, just look at the videos from inside the slaugter houses in Canada and Mexico.

· Is it free of drugs not meant for humans?

· NO, most American slaughter horses are not.

· Are the horses tested for all the drugs harmful to humans?

· NO, most, if not all, are not adequately & completely tested. 

American horses are not raised as a food animals yet are being fed to people overseas. If food inspectors don’t inspect the food that Americans eat, resulting in massive recalls on a regular basis, do you really think they are doing anything to insure the American horses being slaughtered for human consumption are safe to eat?


Horse meat is NOT SAFE for dinner!